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A book to help working moms find confidence, courage, & clarity...

In Untangled, Author and Founder of Working Moms Tribe, Mychelle Fernandez, shares about her experience as a woman building a career while raising a family. She compares the skills, identities, and experience she acquired on her journey to her necklace collection. It's a vast, beautiful, and valuable collection with distinct pieces representative of notable accomplishments, celebrations, and maybe even challenges. If we are not intentional about taking care of our collection of "necklaces", the collection can get tangled, damaged, lost, or broken. Some of the "necklaces" can lose their luster, energy, or value. By taking the time to keep an inventory of our skills, identities, accomplishments, and experiences, we are better equipped to access them when we need them again.

She also introduces the concept of aligning your V.I.B.E. (vision, identity, balance, and energy) to help get and stay untangled. She acknowledges that maintaining a career and a family can be challenging, but with the right tools, it is possible!

Our mission is to positively influence shifts in modern family dynamics

and how parents are supported in the workplace.

A generation of supported women who bring value to their workplaces and communities

and skilled at making memories and money.

We SUPPORT each other’s dreams, decisions, and journeys.

We foster authentic CONNECTION and relationship.

We cultivate LEADERSHIP skills.

We LOVE because we are loved.

We give ourselves and each other GRACE.

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Working Moms Tribe is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our mission is to connect and educate working moms and employers so they can better understand each other's perspectives and priorities and find creative ways to acknowledge and support them. Funds donated will help us reach more employers and supporters to expand our mission and create programs that will improve BOTH the working mom experience and organizational performance of their companies.


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