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"Untangled: You're Not Stuck. You're not lost. You're not a hot mess. You just need to get Untangled!" NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Written by our Executive Director, Mychelle Fernandez, Untangled will help you sort through experiences, skills, and identities you've picked up along your journey to remind you how equipped you are to push forward!

She also introduces the concept of aligning your V.I.B.E. (vision, identity, balance, and energy) to help you get and stay "untangled". These are four areas Working Moms Tribe programs and courses focus on to support women choosing to build careers while raising families.

You can purchase your copy of "Untangled" on Amazon or bundled it with our journal sets below!

Two journal bundles available compliment the "Untangled" book...


Option 1: "Untangled" book + "Untangled" journal. The "Untangled" journal contains the reflection journal prompts from the end of each chapter of the book with space to write down your responses to the prompts.

Option 2: "Small Steps, Big Dreams" + "V.I.B.E." journal set. Use these journals to write down the thoughts and ideas that come to mind while reading the book. There is one chapter about dreaming big and taking small steps towards those dreams. There are several chapters about identifying and aligning your V.I.B.E. (vision, identity, balance, and energy) to get things moving forward again. These journals give you one place to jot down the whatever comes to mind as you read these chapters.

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